The Pro’s Closet
The Pro’s Closet is an online cycling retailer specialized in selling Certified Pre-Owned bikes, frames, and wheels, along with new bikes, parts, apparel, and accessories. Visit ︎︎︎
Scope of Work
Brand Design / Marketing

In late 2021, The Pro’s Closet chose Manual Creative to go through a full visual, verbal, and strategric rebrand. I was part of the internal team that executed creative extensions of the new TPC in 2023. Visit ︎︎︎

Wrap by Husky Creative

Strava Badges
In 2022, TPC utilized Strava challenges to capture the attention of their massive cycling community, allowing TPC to introduce cyclists to the brand.

Promotional Campaigns
Sale events that were advertised across all of our channels. This would include our homepage, email/SMS marketing, performance marketing (GDN, Pmax, Criteto), paid and organic social.

Art Direction
Various photoshoots for evergreen and promotional campaigns.

Certified Pre-Owned
Photo: Elizabeth Wilcox

Spring 2023 Apparel
Photo: Chris Gaeta
Talent: Adam Vadeboncoeur, Casey Clark

TPC Creative
Creative Director: Dan Hanafin
Photographers: Elizabeth Wilcox, Chris Gaeta, Josh Weinberg, Cameron Strand
Design: Nicholas Cai, Toole & Hardt
Copywriters: Lindsey Gaff, Todd Johns, Jonah Baca
Project Manager: Ellie Horn