ATLAS Institute
ATLAS is an interdisciplinary institute for radical creativity and invention. They inspire research, experimentation and critical thinking that turns ingenious ideas into reality. The institute’s labs and academic programs encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creative exploration, attracting technology visionaries and virtuosos who reach beyond convention, take risks and innovate.

A dynamic identity system was constructed for ATLAS, meant to reflect the interdisciplinary creative thinking that takes place at the Institute. Visit ︎︎︎

Press: Featured on BrandNew ︎︎︎

Identity / Collateral / Publications / Signage / Wayfinding

Wordmark Generator
Dynamic identities must be easy to use for them to be successful in the real world. The Wordmark Generator by PhD student Clement Zheng can generate every possible combination for students, staff, and faculty. Visit ︎︎︎

Research Lab Identities
Research Labs recieve their own unique “A”, type treatment, and colors to distinguish themselves as labs of the ATLAS Institute.


3D UV printed signage was created for the Roser ATLAS Center where the ATLAS Institute resides.

Zoom Background
Custom Zoom backgrounds were created in response to the pandemic and stay at home orders. This background was inspired by the classic bouncing DVD screensaver. (No, the logo does not hit the corner.) ︎︎︎