Nicholas CaiArt Direction & Design
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The Pro’s Closet is an online cycling retailer specialized in selling Certified Pre-Owned bikes, frames, and wheels, along with new bikes, parts, apparel, and accessories.

Identity: Manual
Internal CD: Dan Hanafin
Internal Strategy: Dan Hanafin, Matthew Ankeny, Kaitlin Cameron
Internal Copywriting: Todd Johns
Internal Design: Nicholas Cai and Dan Hanafin
Photography: Elizabeth Wilcox, Chris Gaeta, Josh Weinberg, Cameron Strand

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TPC x Strava
Design / Art Direction / Brand Project

From 2021-2022, the TPC Creative team created a series of challenges for Strava. Each challenge came with a unique identity to fit the mood and reward.

Over 500,000 Strava athletes participated globally and over six million unique impressions were made.

Mile Zero
Honest Work
Dream Bike 2021
Dream Bike 2022

Strategy: Dan Hanafin & Matthew Ankeny
Art Direction: Dan Hanafin & Nicholas Cai
Design: Nicholas Cai
Copywriting: Matthew Ankeny, Lindsey Gaff, Jonah Baca

Jillian Keiffer New
Identity / Website / Collateral / Merch

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Lauren Jones New
Identity / Website / Collateral / Merch

Lauren Jones is a freelance commercial and editorial photographer based in Denver, CO. Her bold and surreal work is inspired by color theory, the 60’s, art history, and telling untnold stories.


Completed in 2024

ATLAS Institute
Dynamic Identity System / Collateral / Publications / Signage / Merchandise / Wayfinding / Website /  

ATLAS is an interdisciplinary institute for radical creativity and invention. They inspire research, experimentation and critical thinking that turns ingenious ideas into reality. The institute’s labs and academic programs encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creative exploration, attracting technology visionaries and virtuosos who reach beyond convention, take risks and innovate.

A dynamic identity system was constructed for ATLAS, meant to reflect the interdisciplinary creative thinking that takes place at the Institute.

Created at Berger & Föhr
Wordmark Generator by Clement Zheng

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Identity / Collateral / Signage

Apocalypse is a carefully-curated buy-sell-trade clothing store that exists to empower individual expression through personal style while combating climate change. Founded on the dual premises of human inclusivity and connectivity, Apocalypse unites people of all genders, races, religions, cultures, sizes, abilities, and political views through fashion and shared values.

Created at Berger & Föhr
Sign painting by Chase Brown

Identity / Packaging / Collateral / Merch / Website

Response® brings together form, function, and flavor in a great tasting, lightly carbonated energy drink without the lousy aftertaste associated with most drinks in the category. Specially formulated with a proprietary blend of caffeine, B complex vitamins, and Taurine, Response® delivers a concentrated boost of focused energy without giving you the jitters.

Created at Berger & Föhr
Rapha Aspects
Identity / Print Design

Rapha Aspects is an event series to dive deeper into the culture of the community bound by bike. A literal interpretation of “Aspect”. The back of the flyer is the reverse of the front. Colors for the flyers were inspired from Rapha’s high visibility fabrics that adorn cyclists.

Onda Wellness
Identity / Packaging / Collateral

Onda exists to heal the people, empower  farmers, and support the regeneration of the Earth. They believe in working with natural ecosystems when it comes to farming, bottling and providing the cleanest possible plant medicine.

Created at Berger & Föhr
Product Photography: Jamie Kripke
Lifestyle Photography: Stephen Smith, Leia Vita

Ello: The Creators Network
Website / iOS App / Android App / UI UX / Marketing / Publication Design

Ello is The Creators Network, a publishing and collaboration platform connecting and supporting a global community of artists. Founded in 2013 by a collection of artists & designers, Ello re-imagines the future of creative work by providing a contemporary forum and virtual workplace for artists, brands, agencies, publishers, and their fans. From business model to website to apps to print publications and community experiences, Ello empowers and rewards contemporary creators with visibility, influence, and professional opportunity, encouraging a generation of talent via a platform for creative opportunity.